Union City Community Foundation


One of the largest endowments of The Union City Community Foundation was established by LaRue Ottaway. Mr. Ottaway was the president of the former Union City Chair Company. Originally the money was left to the UnionCity Hospital. When the Union City Hospital closed, the funds came under the auspices of Saint Vincent Hospital. Today the endowment, worth a little over $1 million, is named the Ottaway/Saint Vincent Health Center Fund of the Union City Community Foundation. The Union City Community Foundation has oversight of income from a number of other funds as well. These are the Jasper Drake Scholarship Fund, the David & Autumn Hoffman Fund, and the Cooper Family Fund.

The Erie Community Foundation began administering the Jasper Drake Scholarship Fund in 1994. According to Mr. Drake's Last Will and Testament, "It is the purpose of this Trust Fund to enable students, graduates of the Union City Area High School, of good habit with normal intelligence to obtain a higher education, technical skills, vocation, college, or other advanced learning, as they would otherwise not be able to do so or could do so only at a sacrifice of health in the struggle to obtain such further education and earn a living at the same time, in order that they may become better citizens of this country in general, and their community in particular, and to better able them to meet their responsibilities and ultimately to provide for themselves and their families a better livelihood."