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The Corry Hi-Ed is recruiting a new class of Corry Regional Leadership to start this September.

April 16, 2019

Join the 100 graduates from seven prior leadership classes in adding value to your business and organizations, and the Corry and Union City area communities! The classes take place on alternating Wednesday mornings from 8-noon, from mid September through March. View the attached flyer for class details.

Recognizing the need to increase the region’s leadership capacity, the Corry Higher Education Council in 2002 launched “Corry Regional Leadership.” The program is a combination of “skill building” and “asset discovery.” Skill building includes such topics as listening and feedback skills, understanding personality types, meeting facilitation skills, strategic planning, conflict management, team building, and more.

Asset discovery is designed to help participants better understand the area in which they are operating, with presentations about local economic development, history and demographics, the local health-care delivery system, public education, and more.

The program does not run every year so if you are interested in being part of the next class contact Brody at 664-9405.