The Ottaway Legacy Society

To honor Mr. Ottaway and his foresight, The Union City Community Foundation created The Ottaway Legacy Society for those who include The Union City Community Foundation in their will or other Estate Planning. We hope you are inspired by what we can accomplish together and help you provide lifelong benefits to many right here in your hometown. By joining, members agree to be listed in The Union City Community Foundation Annual Report and other publications.

Joining The Ottaway Legacy Society is simple.

Remember favored charities through a planned or estate gift to The Union City Community Foundation. Your gift can be unrestricted to meet the most pressing local needs or designated to benefit your favored charity or cause. Amounts are anonymous and have no minimum.

Common ways include:

  • Bequest through a trust or will
  • IRA/401K designation
  • Life Insurance

Please contact Susannah Weis Frigon of The Erie Community Foundation at (814) 454-0843 for more about planned giving.

How to Include The Union City Community Foundation in your Will

A bequest to The Union City Community Foundation is simple to include in a will. Your legal counsel may include language similar to the following:

"I give, devise and bequeath the following: (add your copy here, describe assets that are the subject of the bequest; for example, a stated sum or the residue of the estate or a percentage of the residue of the estate) to The Union City Community Foundation, a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation.

This gift shall be known as the (add the name you choose) Fund."

If it is desire that the bequest be applied to an area of charitable interest or to specific organizations, add "this Fund shall be devoted to the support of: (add the charitable interest or organization name here).

Members of The Ottaway Society

  • Rogelio and Lynette Allanigue
  • Joyce Barteldt *
  • Paul and Jeannie Bishop
  • Scott and Cindy Bishop
  • Steven and Jetta Bishop
  • Kevin and Roberta Blakeslee
  • Kyle and Loretta Blakeslee
  • Danny Burek
  • Pat and Annette Burgess
  • William and Diane Bowes
  • Brian and Stacie Chapman
  • Darryl and Barb Cooper
  • Gerald and Darlene Eddy
  • Jeff and Beth Ferringer
  • Jeff and Stephanie Fielding
  • George and Cynthia* Fox
  • Shawn and Lisa Gross
  • Rosemarie Hill
  • Tom and Marty Irwin
  • R. Steven and Danielle Jones
  • Ronald O. and Sally* Jones
  • Brett and Tara Lineman
  • Jeff Mangol
  • Floyd and Janice Metzger
  • John and Rita Mineo
  • Larry and Rosemary Obert
  • Helen Shreve*
  • Jim and Linda Shreve
  • Doug and Cheryl Taylor
  • Chuck and Pat Thompson
  • Mark and Blare Webb
  • Gary and Cindy Wells
  • Chris and Natalie Wilmoth