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Union City has thrown its hat in the ring

February 10, 2020

Union City has thrown its hat in the ring to host HGTV's newly announced

"Home Town Takeover" program, in which HGTV and the hosts of the

current "Home Town" renovation show, Erin and Ben Napier of Laurel,

Miss., adopt a second community of 40,000 or fewer residents in which to

bring their remodeling skills to bear.

“Renovating one house at a time is an awesome experience, but the chance

to support an entire town, where we can help bring a community back to

life and enhance the lives of the people who live and work there, is

something we’ve always wanted to try,” host Ben Napier said in a

statement. The series will span six episodes. It's not known when HGTV

will select the community it will feature in its new show.

Submissions require a video tour of the community itself, with a focus

on the buildings and areas that might need the most sprucing up, as well

as stories from locals and photos that point to what’s special about

the community. Union City recently completed the online application

process, including the following video that was produced with the

financial support of the Union City Community Foundation. Special thank

you to Colt Productions for the drone footage and WQLN for helping with

the video footage and video production!

Click the link to view our hometown entry https://youtu.be/yAGL365w5vo